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Forget the common consensus associated with working as an escort. Escort jobs in Uk are part of the Logistics industry. Misplaced media images or society’s biased and unrealistic idea of the profession are enough to dissuade many ladies from considering this glowing and endless opportunities profession. Working as a high class escort makes all the difference when it comes to considering an escorting career or stop gap job. Here at Crystal escorts, we are always keen to meet new Northampton escorts, and to guide and mentor new ladies into the escorting profession.

The beauty of the escorting industry comes with its clientele and it’s list of endless tastes and desires. This is reflected in the vast variety of ladies we take on our team. We are not restricted by recruiting only a certain appearance of characteristic, and we’re always open to get to know new ladies from all walks of life. Including those of various colours, personalities and backgrounds. We offer all our escorts a relaxed working environment and utmost respect to both discretion and personal safety.

Working as an escort provides the opportunity to be in charge of your own income and hours. The effort a high class escort puts into her services is quickly reflected in her earning potential. Whether a first time escort or a more experienced lady to the scene, Crystal escorts can provide you with the perfect marketing platform to ensure that you run a safe and successful business. Unlike independent escorts, we ensure that our ladies are placed in prime position, for both advertising and marketing. We believe in working hard to promote our loyal working ladies, to ensure that in return they’re able to gain more exposure, bookings and ultimately increasing their income.

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