5 H - £ 580

A love heart made from wine

Looking for something more than just a dinner date, are you the kind of gentleman who likes to really get to know a lady before taking things further? Do you like to engage in riveting conversation with tantalizing teasing women? Then a longer date could be perfect for you. Perhaps you have your eye on a lady whom you’d really like to get to know on a more personal level, or maybe you’ve dated one of our beautiful escorts before, and this time require a little more time.

A 5 hour booking provides the perfect balance between overnight and a somewhat shorter dinner date. For some an overnight booking is not a practical solution, while family and work constraints get in the way. However a 5 hour booking can be fitted around your otherwise busy schedule, allowing you to continue your busy lifestyle. You can still enjoy the companionship of a beautiful female escort, without having to worry about running out of time, or being rushed through the experience. 

A five hour date is the perfect solution for both first time clients and for those who have become more acquainted with spending time with our models. Clients who have booked our escorts in the past understand how fast time goes when one is having fun. The conversation and personality of our ladies is bound to keep you captivated while the clock keeps ticking. Booking five hours is a nice guarantee that you have the time to relax, sit back and enjoy before returning to the reality of your busy lifestyle, refreshed and satisfied.


8 H - £ 900

Red wine
Booking an overnight stay with one of our beautiful ladies really has to be the crem de la crem of escorting experiences. This booking is generally taken by the gentleman who really wants to take his time. To enjoy himself and treat himself to the finer things in life, which of course includes a beautiful, charming and sensual woman. For other gentlemen seeking a true girlfriend experience, nothing comes close to providing this than falling asleep and waking up with a beautiful woman asleep in your arms. Of course this is the dream of every man, and here at Crystal escorts, we can make that dream come true. Overnight bookings are both convenient and of course excellent value for money. Crystal escorts love the intimacy which comes with being booked overnight, with many claiming that an overnight booking allows them to feel closer to their clients and lets them develop a better feel for their clients desires and needs. An overnight ten hour booking, removes all the need to watch the time, and the night is truly yours, to relax and enjoy yourself, without having to worry about when it will end. Knowing you have your escort booked until the morning can allow you the extra room to relax, and truly enjoy the experience of being in the company of a beautiful woman. Of course an overnight booking is the only way to experience waking up alongside a woman in her beautiful and natural state, which many gentlemen find both a satisfying and sensual experience.

10 H - £ 1100

A dinner date