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Are an escorts looks more important than her personality

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It’s no lie that just about any man is attracted to the looks and sexual prowess of a beautiful woman, however when booking an escort, is this the only attraction to a particular model, or does the escorting industry drive a little deeper?

Of course for the gentleman requiring an escort to join him on a dinner date, or meeting colleagues at a work function, having the trophy girlfriend on his arm is a bonus. As much as being able to turn the heads of his envious male colleagues, though it would be unfair to say the book stops here. For a gentleman to truly be able to enjoy is escort experience, he needs to be assured in the knowledge that his chosen escort will be able to present throughout the booking in the manner he himself has become accustomed to.

In many cases this means finding a lady with the correct personality to suit his own, and more importantly, hiring a model with the charisma and intelligence to be able to keep up with conversation and exhibit a good social understanding. Of course it’s inarguable that the first thing to catch the eye when making an escort booking comes down to physical attraction. At this stage there is little else to go on, but it soon becomes evident on the date if the spark and connection is there and with the right choice of escort, this is more likely to be the case.

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