A guy sat next to two escorts

To answer this question, there is of course no specific type of gentleman who hires an escort’s services. It’s fair to say that clientele of escorts vary in every way imaginable. While for some, hiring an escort comes down to basics, and what goes on behind closed doors and in the bedroom makes up the very basis of the escort booking. For others, it can simply be a solution and a change to what one has become accustomed to with their current relationship, looking for something exciting and a break from the norm. Without having to worry about the drama of an affair, or the chances of their wife or girlfriend finding out.

Northampton escorts offer a discrete and satisfying experience which can be enjoyed by all types of gentlemen. While some are purely about physical attraction, others are looking for a more discerning date, and it’s not at all uncommon for an escort to be booked for both her time, beauty and her company. Many gentlemen claim that their time spent with an escort is as enjoyable outside of the bed room, as it is behind closed doors.

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