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Tips for escorts

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Of course the biggest and most important tip is to always consider your own personal safety and discretion. While this is a profession that you may embrace and enjoy, it’s important to remember that while providing a discrete service to your clients, you should also treat yourself with the same level of dignity , and protect yourself from compromise or compromising situations.

A key tip given by many escorts in Northampton working in the industry, is to be yourself. While this may seem obvious from the outside, it is often tempting for new escorts to take on a persona in an attempt to satisfy or impress a client. While client satisfaction is key in the perfect escort date, it’s important to remember that most clients will appreciate seeing your true nature. You were chosen for your beauty and personality, so let it shine. This removes the pressure to maintain a certain personality or characteristic, and instead lets you focus on your client, remaining yourself, and making the experience a mutually pleasurable one.

Most gentlemen can quickly identify if an escort is trying to hard to match any preconceived persona, and rather than adding something to the date, it’s more often that not noted as a distraction.

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