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What type of lady becomes an escort?

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While it’s tempting to consider that all types of ladies have the potential to try their hand at escorting, it’s fair to say that those who really excel in the profession and enjoy their work, all have one thing in common. These ladies are all confident and sexy. These traits make up the majority of girls in the industry. While it would be unfair to say that these ladies are in anyway similar apart from these key characteristics, it’s more than noticeable that these beautiful women all share not only their stunning good looks but also their confident personalities.

It stands to reason that a woman who is prepared to provide a sensual or romantic service, has the confidence and sex appeal to enjoy it herself, and often as much as the clients she is satisfying. Women who are not constrained by societies misconception of escorting, and an adult industry are often some of the most interesting. These are women who think for themselves, and speak for themselves. Women such as these are independent and intelligent, and have the ability to manage not only themselves but at the same time provide a seamless and satisfying escort experience.

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